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Transform The Way You Manage Your Business Communication With KLIK Manager

Managing communication in today's businesses can be a daunting task, given the complexities associated with varying technologies and tools. However, with KLIK Manager's PBX management system, you can now streamline all these processes with ease. This system is not only user-friendly and white-labeled but also provides a comprehensive solution at a cost-effective price point.

All In One PBX & APN Management Solution

TMS (Telephone Management System) KLIK Manager's most outstanding feature is its TMS (Telephone Management System),

a game-changing tool that brings unparalleled control over your communications.


With TMS, you can:


Monitor Extensions: Keep an eye on the usage of various extensions across the organization, ensuring resources are usedeffectively.


Track PINs: Trace the use of PINs in the communication setup, thereby allowing for a more secure and accountable system.


Group Management: Easily organize and oversee multiple groups to simplify communication channels within the company.


Expense Management: Receive real-time data on incoming and outgoing calls, gain insights into their costs, and accordingly adjust strategies to manage your team’s communication budget.

APN Data Services & SIM Management KLIK Manager is not just a PBX management tool; it also extends its capabilities to APN data services and SIM management.

Here, you can:


Data Usage: Monitor real-time data consumption to avoid overage charges.


Network Information: Gain insights into the network you're using for more efficient deployment of resources.


User Suspension: Have the power to suspend or unsuspend users based on data usage or other factors, providing added control over your communications network.

Why KLIK Manager?

  • Real Time Monitoring: Keep track of your PBX usage and manage resources effectively.

  • Detailed Reporting: Track incoming and outgoing calls, understand their costs, and optimize PBX usage.

  • User Friendly Interface: Manage extensions, PINS, and groups with ease, from anywhere.

  • Cost Effective: Eliminate the need for complex hardware installations, reduce unnecessary expenses, and increase productivity.

  • Easy Integration: Our services are designed to integrate easily with your existing systems, so you can start using them right away without any hassle.

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