A fully scalable PABX / 3CX solution that gives you full control...

Partners & Resellers

Backspace Technologies is a market leading Wholesale VOICE and APN solutions provider. With a key focus on resellers, we provide a solution enabling our resellers to manage their customers in all aspects. This allows our resellers to have flexibility and control in creating services to their respective target markets.


A Mobile Virtual Network Operator is a wireless communications provider that does not own their own network infrastructure yet offers wireless communication

services to their customers or base using existing infrastructure and agreements.


VoIP desk phones for anywhere in South Africa

that has network coverage.


Get the full benefits of a PABX without the costs and infrastructure needed for it.

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APN Services

Manage and provision data securely to your team and network. We offer multiple plans that suit small businesses, SME's and large corporations.

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Business & Enterprise Solutions

Get Atcom LTE phones and switchboards that can be connected anywhere , anytime with network coverage.

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a high-speed wireless data standard with higher capacity and coverage in areas where there's no ADSL infrastructure and no fibre availability.


Clear and simple Voice & Data products with no hidden fees and lengthy contracts.


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Why Choose Backspace Technologies as your provider?

Backspace was born out of the need to create opportunities for up and coming as well as establish businesses in South Africa. Our products are created to work as both a bolt on and as a stand alone telecommunication offering to your existing or new customers.

We exist to support businesses in development of the telecommunication sector in South Africa and provide infrastructure for our resellers to support and bill their customers accurately and efficiently

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